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5 Wix Website Examples 2021

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Nowadays everybody can have a website, Whether it be for services promotion, E-Commerce, or other purposes, wix has changed the game and made owning a website easy than it ever was before.

We're sharing five wix website examples 2021 that can inspire you and see how everybody can come up with a stunning website that serves their needs.

Poke Bowlz has created an outstanding site that reflects the branding color pallet throughout its individual pages. People are able to browse the restaurant’s menus, see the exact location of each branch and even place their orders online on the site.

Wix Food Web Design

if you're a lover of animation you'll be amazed at the design of Rafael Varona's website. This artist has created a wonderful site that combines dynamic and static projects to maintain visitors’ interest without overwhelming them.

Wix Animation Artist Website Design

Hila's website has a great design with parallax scrolling effects that makes the entire design looks luxurious and most importantly gains users' trust. Without talking about its coloring that makes everybody feel comfortable when visiting the site.

Wax Ecommerce Website Design

Not only certain businesses can have a website on the internet. Even hairdressing salons now can have one. Check this example of this hairdressing salon that has an outstanding website over the internet to announce all the treatments they provide and call people to book an appointment right away.

Hairdressing Website Design

This local farm that specializes in growing vegetable and specialty plants also has a great wix website design that is 100% custom to reflects their farms' branding.

Farm Website Design

That's it for our 5 Wix Website Examples 2021. You probably are amazed at how beautiful these Wix sites are and wonder how you could get your own website as well. If that's the case you can drop us a message and we will be happy to guide you to choose the best options for your needs.

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