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Web Design Tip - How To Build a Successful Website For Clients

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Building a successful website is probably a priority of every true web designer out there, and also is what every website owner dream of. If a website isn't built in the way it should be to serve the final user it won't have any value at all, and it will just be a waste of time and money.

In my experience working as a web designer, I have met too many people in different countries who were in need of a website for their business. I had a conversation with all of them to discuss their needs and requirements, and one thing I see in common between most of these people is that they're focusing too much on satisfying their eyes with the website design they are willing to get. This seems to be normal for most people including some web designers who would agree that they should design something that their client would be happy with.

But the key here is that many people are seeing things from their point of view and completely forget the final customer point of view. What I mean by that is when a website is being designed by a web true designer, he actually design it to serve not the client [the website owner ] who requires this site but the client's customers or visitors.

Here's an important tip for every web designer

Always focus on the visitors or as we call them users of the website, focus on designing a website that will be easy for them and that will resolve their problems and answers their questions.

It happens sometimes that some clients are forcing me to do their website in a very specific way they want it and I do! (I know some may say why you didn't advise them, I said they're forcing me which means Do it or leave it, lol ) anyway, when I do the website the way they want it they're becoming very satisfied with the design but after a while, they become surprised that it does not convert visitors or does not even seem to catch their attention.

BUT! imagine that after redesigning the entire website again and building it professionally in the correct way to serve the users. the clients seem to not like the design and they prefer the first one. Now you got the key as a web designer! The key is: it does not matter if the client didn't like the way their website is because as a web design specialist I do build those websites for users not for the client. In other words, the client must be smart and look for the results not be emotional and look to like the design or hate it.

Another tip to consider as a web designer

When you're discussing the project with your potential clients let them know that their website will be a home for their customers and if they don't have a nice home people won't stay on it and will leave after seconds of visiting it. Let them know that your job as a web designer is to build a website that will be a place for their visitors to stay in and feel comfortable and most importantly a place where they can find what they want, which is probably the real goal of every website owner.

Ali Mourchid ( Ali Mourchid )

Wix Certified Designer and Web Designer Specialist.

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