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How Much Do Wix Designers Charge?

How Much Do Wix Web Designers Cost

Talking about how much do wix designers charge will lead us to ask a question about who are these people exactly? Wix designers or experts are people who are more familiar with either Wix editor builder or Editor X by wix. This can include web design specialists, and also people who are just more familiar with wix builder with low web design skills.

There are thousands of wix web designers out there in the market and their pricing starts from $150-$1500 for a simple informative or Ecommerce website.

How Much Do Wix Web Designers Charge?

Most of wix web designers are charging a flat rate while only a few of them are charging an hourly rate. Most clients do prefer to pay a fixed price instead of paying an hourly rate. Most of the time an hourly rate won't give the client an exact idea of how much they'll be charged at the end and also increases their chance to pay additional hours fees out of the plan they agreed about.

Flat Rate Cost Of a Wix Designer Expert

How much you'll be charged by a wix web designer is depending on if the person you'll hire is a well-skilled wix designer.

Another factor that can control the cost is the nature of the project itself, but in this post, we're going to give information based on how much do most well-skilled wix designers charge so that you have a general idea of what you'll be paying for your next website.

Below are some basic Wix web design prices:

Design and Building: $900-$5k

Maintenance: $500

Mobile Website Design: $500-$2k

Keep in mind that the price can vary depending on the nature of the project such as the number of pages needed for your website. Some Wix Experts do provide additional services such as content creation, brand pack design, and SEO optimization. These additional services cost between $350 to $1500.

Hourly Rate Of a Wix Web Designer Expert

The cost of most wix experts and professional designers is

$50-$150. Their hourly rate also depends on several factors.

Here are some factors that determine the hourly rate of Wix website designers:

Project Time - the longer the project will take the lower fees you'll be paying.

Project Difficulty - the harder the project is the higher fees you'll be paying.

Client relationship - if you're an old client for a specific designer or somebody you know is already having a business relationship with one of the wix web designers then you're more likely to get a low hourly rate.

Do Wix Designers Pay Wix Domain and Hosting Fees?

This is a very important question that most clients ask. You always have to discuss and ask questions if the price offered by Wix expert or designer is going to cover wix services such as Premium plan or web hosting plan as some call it, and also the domain name, etc. Keep in mind that most wix web designers do not provide wix premium plans and domain names or any other products such as Emails for example. You will be the one who's going to take care of this.

Before deciding to hire your wix web designer you need first to calculate how much wix charge to host your website so that you can calculate everything with your website design fees.

I have already created a post covering how to calculate wix premium plan fees and which plan is right for you. What Is The Cost To Host My Website With Wix? - Video Answer

Should I Pay For Wix Subscriptions Myself or Have Have The Expert Do it?

Some people often ask me whether it's good to have an expert take care of everything including their website subscriptions, or pay for their website subscriptions themselves.

I would recommend taking care of the subscriptions yourself because this way you'll have full control over your website and you'll pay only the subscription fees unlike if you're having someone taking care of this and charge you extra fees along with the subscriptions fees. Another reason why it's not good to have your website subscriptions under someone's hands is that they can disappear anytime or at least they can be a way for some reason as I see this happens to some of my clients who got their website managed by others, especially freelancers.

You can have your website built by a wix expert and there's no problem with this at all because, unlike the other platforms, Wix does not require any subscriptions to build a fully functional website. With that being said you can skip the subscription until the website is all done and have the expert transfer it right to your Wix account. Then it will be the time to go and upgrade so that you can make your website live.

Where Can I Find a Well-Skilled Wix Web Designer?

There are multiple online freelancing marketplaces where you can find professional wix web designers. One of the top places is the official Wix Marketplace and also you can just search on google for "Wix Website Designer" this will bring some well-known professional designers you can chat with about your next project.

Whether you find a wix designer on the official wix marketplace or on Google or somebody you know recommended one for you you always have to make sure you have an in-depth conversation with the designer so that you know if the person you're going to hire is willing to work and get your website professionally designed.

Also, you have to make sure at least the person you are going to hire is having some positive reviews, not on his own website but on one of the high authority reviews community websites such as Trustpilot for example.

Hire Your Designer At Website Designer Wix

Here at Website Designer Wix we're not charging an hourly rate nor we will surprise you with any hidden fees, or waste your time with all the crazy design propositions.

We've had a big pleasure to work with many business owners and entrepreneurs in the united states, the UK, and internationally. We're giving our clients a strong online presence and brand that they will be proud of in front of their competitors and customers.

We're offering a wide range of services including Wix Web Design, Wix Seo Optimization, Brand Design, And much more. All our designs are 100% unique and as per the customers' requests and according to the applicable standards for professional UX and UI designs.

We're charging up to 50% less than most Wix Web Designers with 100% professional and high-quality designs.

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