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How to Lay the Foundation for Your Company’s Marketing Department

How to Lay the Foundation for Your Company’s Marketing Department

You’re building up your business - and although you’re confident in your offerings, you’re not sure how to get the word out to your potential customers. But you do not have to be an expert in advertising and promotion to manage your own marketing functions. At first, you might be handling all of your marketing responsibilities on your own, but with the help of professionals like website designer Ali Mourchid, you can learn the ropes! Here’s how to put your company’s new marketing strategy into action.

Outline Your Strategy

Outlining your overall marketing strategy can feel like a daunting task, but it’s important to get the big picture down before you start promoting your business. First, you’ll define your target market and the demographics of your typical customer - basically, you’re figuring out who you’ll be directing these marketing materials towards. You’ll also need to understand their pain points and figure out how your product or service will help them solve their problems.

Next, think about what makes your offerings stand out from the competition. How can you highlight the differences between your product or service and the other options in your market? You should also take this time to define your marketing goals. Do you want to generate a certain number of leads, grow your social media following, or build up your email newsletter subscribers? Make sure that your strategy aligns with your specific goals. Just don’t forget to integrate both print and digital marketing techniques so that you can reach customers through various methods!

Prioritize the Right Marketing Channels

You know who your target customer is, and you know what they need from your business - but how do you actually connect with them? You have to invest in marketing materials that will go through the right channels.

Marketing channels are the platforms or communication methods that you use to reach your customers. This could include everything from direct mail to digital content marketing. Even business cards represent a marketing channel! Unlike email, your customers can hold on to your business card, which creates a long-lasting impression. Plus, the design process is easy - just use a free business card maker with premade templates and select the images, texts and fonts, and colors that you want.

Optimize Your Messaging

Messaging boils down to what you say to your customers - and how you say it! But what steps should you take to develop your messaging strategy? How can you ensure that your messaging conveys your brand’s values across different channels? Metis Communications recommends starting by brainstorming words that could be associated with your brand and figuring out how to incorporate the appropriate language and tone into your messaging. Test out different messages to see how they perform.

Monitor Important KPIs

To determine the success of your overall strategy, you need to measure marketing key performance indicators. Overall, there are endless combinations of KPIs that you can track, but trying to monitor every possible KPI is not necessary. You just need to measure the KPIs that align with your marketing goals and indicate whether you’re getting a worthwhile ROI from your efforts. Toucan Toco recommends tracking your short-term ROI, long-term ROI, conversion rate by marketing channel, cost per lead, and organic traffic.

Marketing does not have to be complicated. Once you have a thorough customer profile, you can design a strategy that allows you to meet your audience where they are. With these tips, you will be more than ready to start putting together a marketing plan that works for your business!

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