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Get Wix Video Background To Play On Mobile

it's been frustrating for many people when their Wix website video background isn't working on their mobile. In this article, I'll show you how easy it is to get this fixed.

Before I dive into the steps I would love to mention the simple reason behind this issue. By default, mobile video background is disabled by Wix for one reason, which is avoiding slowing down the website speed, that's because most mobile are using internet data only and some mobile internet service providers are providing slow internet speed in some countries.

Enable video background for wix website page

First, we are going to cover how to enable a video background on Wix mobile.

unlike other elements enabling the video background for a naked Wix, page requires to add your video as a background directly to your mobile page unlike when you use strips where you must add the video background on the desktop editor first and just enable it on the mobile editor. Below are the steps to add a video background to your wix mobile web page:

  1. Go to your mobile editor

  2. Click change page background

  3. Click the video and select your video file

Now after you added your video on the mobile editor of your website to the page you will see that the video is playing when you preview the website.


The naked page is a page where we don't have an element where we can add the background video like strips.

Enable mobile video background for Wix strip element

it's a bit different to deal with wix strip element but it's super easy.

You must add a strip on your wix desktop editor and from there you must add a video background following the steps below:

  1. Go to your desktop editor

  2. Add a strip

  3. Click change strip background

  4. Click the video and select your video file

Now that you added a strip with it's video background it's time to enable the video background on the mobile version of our website. Follow the steps to do this:

  1. Go to your mobile editor

  2. Click on strip and click the little square

  3. Enable Play video on background.

Now you'll see the video playing when you preview the site.

Enable mobile video background for Wix strip column

You can enable the video background of a wix strip column directly on your mobile editor and that's after you add a wix strip on your desktop editor and added a column or columns you want to it.

  1. Go to your mobile editor

  2. Click on strip and make sure to select your strip column

  3. Click the little square

  4. Enable Play video on background.

Video tutorial on how to do all the above steps to get your wix mobile video background issue fixed.

All the methods above are explained on this video.

This was how to get wix video background play on mobile for the most used elements. If you find this useful don't forget to say Thanks on the comment below as you can comment below if you need any further help.

Thank you

Ali Mourchid

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