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How To Fix Google AdSense Earnings At Risk For Wix Users

Are you struggling with the Google AdSense earnings at risk error message after you added your Wix website and you wonder how to resolve this issue? Well, continue reading this article then.

To fix the Google AdSense earnings at risk issue for your wix website you'll need to download the ADS.TXT file and add a small piece of code inside this file to your Wix website.

Follow the steps below to add the ADS.txt file to your Wix website.

1: Log in to your Google AdSense and Wix accounts, go to your wix dashboard, hover on Marketing & SEO tab on the left side panel, and click Marketing Integrations.

2: Scroll down and click Connect on the small ADS.txt box. Click add ADS.txt file. It will open a small pop-up window asking for the ADS.txt code.

3: Go to your Google Adsense account and click fix right to the Earnings at risk bar. Click the Download button to get the ADS.txt file, and save it somewhere on your computer.

4: Open the ADS.txt file, Copy the code inside it and go back to your Wix dashboard where you left it. Paste the code on the window and click save.

You're all set.

How to test your Wix website ADS.TXT file

I recommended that you test every change you've made to your website to ensure it is successfully done correctly.

To test your website ads.txt write in your website address on the browser and add /ads.txt at the end. For example, if your website is it would be

You should see a blank page with only the code you've previously added to your site. If you see a different thing as a 404 page then you haven't added the code correctly.

I have successfully added the ADS.txt but I still see earnings at risk message?

That's a great question most people ask. Well, keep in mind that after adding the ads.txt code to your wix website you have to give some time for google to detect the new changes you've done. it's usually going to take about 24 to 48 hours for this message to disappear.

If you see the ads showing up on your website you have successfully fixed the issue.

Watch me add the ADS.txt file to my Wix Website to fix the earnings at risk AdSense issue.

This step-by-step video should make your life easy.

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