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How To Add Custom Shape Divider To Wix Website

Learn how to separate your website sections with beautiful custom shape dividers.

Wix Shape Divider

Custom shape dividers weren't something you can do easily in the Wix editor in the past. The only way to do this back then was to manually design your shape dividers in adobe illustrator or any other design program, then export the design and add it as a background to your Wix website strip.

Now Wix has developed a new feature that allows the website owners not only to add a shape divider but also to customize it the way they want within the site editor.

With the wix new Shape divider feature, you can easily create custom shape dividers and customize them the way you want. With this, you can give a professional and eye-catchy look to your website with only a few clicks.

How to Use Wix Shape Divider Creator?

Note! This feature is still in beta mode, and will soon be available to everyone.

The new wix shape divider feature can be used on Strips only, meaning that if you want to add a shape divider to your page you have to add a new strip and use the shape divider creator and start customizing it.

Steps to Create Wix Shape Divider

1* Open the site editor > Add a new strip

2* Click the Shape Dividers icon > Choose between Top / Bottom

3* Add a Shape Divider from the panel presets or browse the media manager library

4* Customize its color & opacity, height, and horizontal positioning

Step By Step VIDEO - How To Add Design Custom Shape Divider For Wix Website

I know some people will always love to watch instead of reading, that's why I've made this step-by-step video to learn how you exactly can use the new Wix shape divider tool.

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